Letter from the diaspora...


EDGARD.MARTINEZGood morning my beloved Island people. Happy New Year greetings from the diaspora. Allow me to share a note of hope. I know the Island’s are facing difficult times to say the least. One don’t need to be a prophet to know that our major problem is OVERPOPULATION. Mr. Calvet Hooker reminds us everyday but not many seems to be listening to his desperate voice of commonsense wisdom.

Some think the major problem is corruption. I can agree. Well, OVERPOPULATION, as Dr Ralph, sister Corine, brother Jairo, professor Juvencio Gallardo, brother Bill Francis, and many others, reminds us daily, it’s the greatest corruption upon our land. For the first time the establishment through the previous military governor (e) publicly declared. That 30.000 need to be relocated out of the Islands.

But he wasn’t really serious about it, he was only trying to say what he wanted Raizals’ to hear to appease us. I know that our governor Dr. Everth Hawkins Sjogreen has the good will and desire to solve the islands’ problems such as security, health, education, etc. But if the islands population is not considerably reduced, trust me, every other effort will be in vain.

So far, I haven’t heard any of the new secretary such as Planeacion, Desarrollo or others, mentioned the matter. Alongside all the other actions the government is taking, there need to be an immediate CARRYING CAPACITY STUDY and analysis to define what’s our archipelago’s ability, both environmental and social, to withstand the impacts our fragile ecosystem and people are bearing for the last 40-50+ years.

Please Mr. governor, don’t ignore or sleep on this matter. Please, ah deh beg you as your friend and fellow Raizal brother. I commend all your initial actions, but any fixing to those initial problems such as the issues at the local hospital, will simply be provisional patching of a tire that’s bearing more weight than it’s capacity.

Addressing OVERPOPULATION might not be a popular measure, but it’s the right and just one to do, besides, you are already elected. People, we all need to pray and support our governor for wisdom, courage and guidance in this direction, otherwise, we are doomed in the terrible chaos our islands are currently into. Brother Arne Britton at Coralina, OCCRE, Assembly, churches, institutions, and Dr. Everth with the support of all the people, need to make this the number one action plan during these next couple of years.

As my good friend Dr. Charlei Ritchie McNish would say, Wake up my people! God bless us. Let’s once and for all attack/address our Islands cancer: OVERPOPULATION!

Let’s make pastor Irmo Howard, professor Oakley Forbes, professor Dulph Mitchell, Mr. Early Livingston and many others smile from heaven by heeding to their warnings and unfulfilled dreams. Yes, let’s seek God’s guidance, let’s turn from our wicked ways, let’s humble ourselves, Raizals and legal residents, so that we can see clearly and enjoy God’s bountiful blessings for his people.

Love you San Andrés, Providence and St. Kethleena Islands, love you my people and I miss you everyday. There is hope if we lean on the God of our forefathers and do what’s just in His sight. Raizals and Residents living in San Andres and abroad we need to be praying daily for our Governor and his cabinet. This is a spiritual battle before us and only God can truly help and guide us. This is not about politics anymore, this is about survival as a people, God’s people. Happy New Year to all. Let’s keep hope alive! Let’s make brother Bill Francis’ morning prayer our prayer.

Your fellow brother,
Pastiah Edgardo Martinez Mitchell