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Pan dem ya

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INES.CELISNat bicass dem se wi da “Covid free” wi guain sidon a side an look. Wi haffi analyze all we de hapn ina di world and specially pan wi likl aislands wid we dem call di-pandemia, dat strang cold we de goround. Wii de luk pan dem ya things we de hapn? Wi de think pan what guain happen?

Wi see aal what de comout to di lait while wi wende wieet pan dem ya bag a food we di govament se im de gui ailandas? Wi stay home, behave wi self and respect di authorities?

Unu see homoch piipl comout laik crab outa hole when it rieen, de bieeg bonus and things? A pail a unligal piipl we apair pan dem ya taim. Piipl we di sieem govament mek comiin. Now dem had to feed all a dem.

Now wi haffi guet op pan dem ya new way fi liv bicass dem gatwi de bax bout fram naath to south de tell wi how fi liv and how fi ded.

From sel cotnat to Free Port witout pripieer wi. From free port to turism witout pripieer wi aguen; so dem acomodieet wi ina we dem call ‘posadas nativas’ witout pripieer wi nida, fi faith against big monsters. Now wi haffi wieet pan dem ya new things we dem guain bringout pan wi afta di fiemos pandemia Covid 19 we de claathop di world.

Raizal ailandas always pripier fi eny thing bicass wi ancestors use to liv witout pending pan nombady. Wi use to farm and exchange between neighbors; until wi staat depend pan govament. Wi staat eat, dress and liv laik continentals until Covid 19 com and strip wi naked and shuo wi what wi gat and what wi gud fa.

Wi cant stand an goahed de depend pan dem ya new things faar different fram wi coltio. And something that wi elders de call wi attention is the way how wi put God one side. The island full a churches and religions bot di behaved not corresponds to di principles ataal.

Now with di wide world problem, plenty a wi pitnini we wende shipout comeback home, and som we wende by di continent de study and cant pay no muo rent nar gat food, dem combak too… More than 300 people comiin to di ailands like raizal or resident. My question is: Homoch gaan out?

Wi wende hallaout se wi gat overpopulation, witout nonbady hear wi; what wi guain gat now if wi goahed laik notn de happen an no de look pan dem ya new prablem we wi guain gat?

Unfortunately, a good part of the new leaders them look like them no conscious about the real problems and them de loos taim de kikop evry minit laik pitnini specialy true fassbook and de truo faults pan dis one or that one, and taim de run. Wi cant loos taim pan dem ya foolishness we no benefit nonbady.

When God send the rain is fi everybody; when Him guain lash wi it will be fi aal a wii too. So wi betta putaan wi battery and mek wi turn back wi eyes and soul to di Almighty Lord.


Este artículo obedece a la opinión del columnista. EL ISLEÑO no responde por los puntos de vista que allí se expresen.





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