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Striving for Self-Determination: Rational or Emotional fight

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EDDIE.WILLIAMSAccording to modern international law, Self-Determination Is the right of a people to choose their political status without interference. That is just a short version or summary of the definition of what is known as self-determination.

In light of that definition, how does the Raizal People (however way the people on this territory have over the years decided to name themselves) been striving for this political status in their never ending struggle with the colonial presence of the central government of Colombia on their space and territory. Is the struggle for self-determination proceeding rational or emotional?

I will attempt to answer this question analyzing some examples of isolated situation that has occurred on the island over the years and recently as follow.

First, consider the increase of military presence on the island as a result of them possessing lands and building houses all over the land. How has the people been dealing with this reality? Well, we find ourselves most of the time reacting to these happenings or actions done; instead of acting based upon a strategic planning that comes from us as people.

Supposedly, it is argued that Benjamin Franklin coined this famous saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

The failure that is sort of been repeating in the Raizal People’s struggle for self-determination is a constant failure to collectively plan a strategy that will give them a long-term vision as to what we will do now and hope to achieve as a result of our planning now to act.

However, we are reacting or acting in isolation with our subjective reality or philosophy that each one of us are the truth or possesses the total truth and not actually constructing a collective or objective truth that will become the north that will guide the effort and action of the Raizal people in light of the colonial presence that is actually progressing as a result of the multifarious and cacophony of voices that are pretending to be a Superman or Christ-like salvific figure of the people.

Second, the mansion or police hotel that was built right before our very eyes without any consultation with the people. Oh, yes! They were consulted. As aforementioned, individuals out of the collective group was consulted and the people in itself were kept in the dark.

Then, what has been done about this situation? Currently, reactions has once again taken over and there is no strategic plan that was set in stone to address or restrain what is there now on the Newball street as a rub in the face that the colonial strategy has taken over or won.

Well, it has been said, “The Raizal Statute” is the strategic planning or long-term planning that will reverse or put a halt to the colonial agenda. To answer this objection or observation, our old folks they have a phrase, “Actions speak louder than words.” Let that be the rebuttal.

Lastly, let’s take into consideration the white elephant in the room. The current governor who has taken possession over the island. The way it was done overrule every legal aspect that is the song of the central-colonial government, ‘Libertad y orden.’ That very action does not reflect any order or liberty at all that they profess to protect or even defend.

In light of this happening, action more so than reaction has been. A group of female and male leaders decided to take over the Coral Palace. But instead, reaction was made against such action to discourage these brave leaders that have taken such a challenge upon their shoulders.

Now, all that they were saying with their action is simple. Something has got to be done and it is necessary for a strategic plan to be in place with the purpose to restrain all of the atrocities and colonial agenda from the central government.

So, is it rational or emotional the struggle and fight for self-determination? Well, the answer is clear from the above examples considered. Now, does it need to be emotional? Yes! Does it need to be rational? Yes!

It cannot be either/or. It needs to be both. Emotions that sparks rational or strategic planning that will become the blueprint that will build the house the Raizal People would love to live in, I hope that would in the near future.

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