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Raizal will yourself to power

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EDDIE.WILLIAMSAmidst all odds and concurrently our great and tedious struggle against colonialism, there must be a will to power. In other words, the Raizal people in hopes of constructing their glorious Raizal nation must will ourselves to power. We must will ourselves to create a new reality far beyond the current one of corruption, exploitation, domination, and colonization.

We must will ourselves to move beyond this kind of morality that was entrusted to us by the colonial master that have us hidden from the real world and even have us thinking that we will die for hunger if we would ever will ourselves to walk away from his offer and way of living in place on the Raizal territory.

Here is where Frederich Nietzsche the German philosopher and public intellectual invites us to consider one of his important philosophical maxim: The Will to Power. It is a will to create something out of nothing. It is a will to push beyond the odds and the current morality of destruction, annihilation and domination and make a world that befits the Raizal ideals.

Nietzsche invites us to will ourselves to power amidst the exclusion and systemic evil-design from power. He invites us to will ourselves to power amidst the social degradation. In other words, to construct the type of society that reflects the Raizal perspective and goals. In essence, Nietzsche is inviting us to will ourselves the power to live beyond complaints, murmur, dependence, resignation, hopelessness and pessimism; and dear dream of a new world that challenges the old order of systemic evil and injustice.

The current language of visionary division within the social, political, and even intellectual ideals among the Raizal civic and spiritual leaders must be will against. There must be a will to create a unify vision amidst the plurality and diversity of opinion. Our current diversity of opinion in regards to our current state of colonialism shouldn’t deter us from achieving our goal which is to destroy colonialism from these territories and minds of the Raizal people.

That is where our will to power must lead us to create an ideal that could hold all faction and social groups, movements or organizations together.

It is urgent to will ourselves the power to create a selfless ego than a selfish ego. It is urgent to will ourselves the power to create a strong community among our people than a strong individual above the people and their community. The will to power must guide us to create beauty out of the rubbles. It must help us to create a Raizal person, thinker, community and nation that seeks an ideal that is constructive, just, righteous, empowering and love-orientated.

It is time enough for us to will ourselves out of a philosophy of passivity, reactionary and dependency to a philosophy of creating and asserting our own world, politics, norms and that seeks to rescue our Raizality in the middle of a social and cultural epistemology of accommodation and adaption to something foreign than what has been the Raizal ideals.

Therefore, the glorious Raizal people must will themselves to create in the words of Myles Munroe, “A brand new world and a brand new people”. And I will add, a brand new nation that is free from every and any colonial presence and power that be. Raizal, will yourself to power!

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