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It´s ‘black crab’ time

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The black crab is a crustacean from the-Gecarcinidae family. It is an important part of the raizal identity and a cultural symbol of our traditional patrimony. The ban of this crustacean will begin the first day of next April until the 31st of July.

The extraction and commercialization of this specie is considered the third tier of the economy in Providence and Santa Catalina, because approximately 139 families depends exclusively on black crab commercialization to survive.  

The Corporation for the Sustainable Development of San Andrés, Providence and Santa Catalina, Coralina is working for the black crab protection trough an adequate and sustainable management with conservation criteria.

Black crab is one of the endangered species in these islands, because of aspects like indiscriminate and illegal hunting, reduction of the forest, predators and the difficulties they have to survive during their reproduction and migration periods, among others.

Considering what is mentioned above and the threats and pressures on black crab, Coralina adopted protection actions like Resolution 1132 issued in 2005, and measures such as the bans that prohibit the hunting and extraction of the specie for limited time.

The ban will begin the first day of next April until the 31st of July. So when we say it is black crab time it don’t mean that it is time to hunt and eat it without measures, but it does mean that it is time to protect and conserve it. How can we do it?

- Respect the black crab life cycle, it´s survival depends on that.

- Respect the ban period.

- Give the females way on the streets so that they can reach the sea to spawn their eggs in the water.

- Don’t burn or destroy the forest, it is their home.

- Don’t capture females with eggs or small crabs before they reproduce.

- Don’t ask for it at the restaurants during the ban period.

- If you know about commercialization of the black crab in the ban period denounce it to the environmental authorities.

- Don’t dispose your garbage in the sea.

- Keep the beach clean.

- Support groups and projects that protect the black crab.

Coralina will continue their work for the sustainable development of our Islands, please contribute by following the recommendations above and sharing this information with someone else. It is time to protect black crab.

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