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‘Fiwi Kom Fos’: Voices of the Emacipation

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EDDIE.WILLIAMSFiwi Kom Fos: we culture, we language, we people, we identity, we history, we children. The philosopher Mortimer Adler said, "Freedom is the emancipation from the unreasonable rule of other men". In other words, true emancipation is when other people stop rule you and you start rule yourself.

Emancipation is the end of enslavement, where by a person is free to determine the path he/she wants to take in life.

Essentially, emancipation is Self-Determination in action...

A people is not Self-Determine if they are unable to make their own laws, determine their destination, define what they want and who they want on their territory.  

When a people is sitting at the table negotiating a law as to what they want and when they are going to receive what they want. That is a sign showing the real need for emancipation (self-determination).

Emancipation or self-determination is having the ability to determine and decide what you want to happen on your territory without any need of sitting at the table of negotiation to receive what the colonizer feel like to give you.

If we actually KOM FOS, we have to start do like Miss Corine and Julia. Tell those Babylons this is my territory and I will stop use this space and celebrate who I am when I have had enough.

Emancipation is to celebrate who you are freely without any restriction determining how long you can celebrate yourself.

If we are going down this road of emancipation we must learn to:

I. Sacrifice: For Pa Fada to help emancipate our ancestors, he had to sacrifice his business going into bankruptcy, he had to sacrifice his position as master to brother with the people he once own.

There is no way possible for us to truly emancipate our territory if we are not willing to pay the price it requires.

The only people that have seen success in life, are those that were willing to sacrifice. And it is not the exception for us as a people. We must learn to sacrifice:

Pride so we can work as brothers. We must sacrifice selfishness so that we can work together, and we must sacrifice the sweetness of corruption so that we can stop trying from becoming like the monster we are fighting.

II. Struggle: We all need to get involve in this fight and journey for true emancipation, that is self-determination. Pastors need to get involve in this struggle. Businessmen and women need to get involve in this struggle. Young people and children need to get involve in this struggle. Reporters and all our professionals need to get involve in this struggle to once and for all to ensure mental, social, spiritual and political emancipation of this territory and people.

We all need to get involve and begin to participate in eliminating the grips of colonialism that is rampant and wild on our territory. And through a mental emancipation we can have success in this struggle. We need to struggle hard so the colonizers would not have control over us.  

In 2014 at our emancipation festivities, Dr. Carlyle Corbin made a statement, "With mental emancipation, all things are possible"

This mean, we will be able to accomplish much more if we can mentally emancipate ourselves from the ideas our colonizers are forcing down our throats

Bob Marley echoing Marcus Garvey, "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but yourself can free your mind. We forward in this generation, triumphantly."

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