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Charaibi Eco Lodge: lujo, medio ambiente y comunidad

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Por estos días se ha estado socializando el ‘Charaibi Eco Lodge’, un proyecto de complejo turístico de lujo con enfoque étnico y medio ambiental. El director del proyecto, Francisco Rativa, cuenta a continuación (en inglés) sus características y su concepto ‘eco amigable’ y de responsabilidad social.


Location and size

Our lot is located in the Harmony Hall Hill area, next to the botanical garden and opposite to the hotel Sol Caribe Campo. It has approximately 55.000m2.

Construction permit

The license was granted by the pertinent authorities of San Andres. The license, as it is also mentioned in the POT, gives us permission to build on 50% of our lot. However in order to protect the natural state of the land, our project will occupy only a portion of what we are allowed to build.

How is it going to be built?

When it comes to design, the first thing everybody has to take into account is the POT.  So neither our bungalows with guest rooms nor the main entrance building is built higher than 2 floors. The buildings are designed as a modern installation respecting the island native housing design and the landscape ecological view. The materials we will use are all recyclable and optimized to provide the highest level of temperature insulation.

How do we meet the standards of self-sustainability

Self-sustainability is achieved as a combination of activities during design, construction and operation of the hotel. When it comes to design, our lot is big enough to play with the placement of buildings in order to preserve the environmental limits of the lot.

Solving the preservation of environmental pillars on our land we remain with 2 most common problems, which are electricity and water supply and consumption.

Our hotel is mid-sized and as already said can only be built on 2 floors, which means we will have a lot of roof surface. Therefore we can harvest a sizable amount of rainwater and we will support it with sufficient storage capacity. This in combination with grey and black water treatment plants will make us self-sufficient water-wise.

Initially to save on electricity we will support the demand for electricity with solar panels; in the beginning to heat the water and hopefully later on to also become 100% energy self-sufficient.

Social component

Social responsibility is an important part of our project. Our land is surrounded by the Raizal community and we want to include them as part of our business. It just makes sense to include the community. Why? The community is the cultural pillar of the island and we want to share the culture with our guests.

Also, the community is bilingual which puts them at an advantage when selecting staff. Agreements are being put in place to ensure that the candidates will be properly trained according to the high quality standards of the employer. Ourgoal is to show to the tourists that the people of the island are more than capable of providing first class service.

In addition, after speaking to many neighbors we have identified needs in the community, so we as a business, we will continue to work in partnership with them to help meet their needs. We are firm believers that for our business to grow, the community has to grow with us.

Previous consultation

As far as we know, we are the first private project in the history of the island to voluntary undergo the process of previous consultation. Not only do we believe that it is the right of the Raizal people to partake in this process, but we think is the right thing to do, and that is why we voluntary engaged in this consultation with the Raizal community.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite all the Raizal People of San Andres to exercise their fundamental right to participate in this process. We will be meeting, October 31st, November 1st, and November 2nd at 2:00 pm at The New Life Tabernacle Church, located in the Barrack neighbourhood, on the top of Harmony Hall hill.



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